Advocate or Abdicate or Fish or Cut Bait

I see that three of you read my last blog post. My numbers are soaring!  So to stay accountable – here’s how I’m doing with my “to do” list:


Watching my TED videos; even the one about self-healing asphalt.


Installed Rosetta Stone French and began Lessons.

Elle boit.

Preparing for Idea Camp talk with PCB Chamber of Commerce.

“If Les Miserables leaves New York at 8:00PM EST.”

Prepare to begin Local Arts Agency grant application for FY2015.



So far, so good.  In the midst of Elvis Lives, Styx, Rodney Carrington, Hall & Oates and trying to upgrade our concessions services, the staff at the Marina Civic Center is looking at next year’s possible line-up, improving our ticketing system.  It’s a challenge to be in the present moment and plan for the future simultaneously.  I have to say that everyone here does an amazing job – and sometimes under ridiculous circumstances.  Our volunteer board has also been busy assisting with promotional activities, fundraising and supporting the staff in tangible ways.  I am grateful for every one of them.


Right now the state legislature is in session and the Arts constituency is, again, shouldering up to advocate for Arts Education policy and Arts Programming Funding (to fund the grant we applied for a year ago).  Here is a link to the Florida Cultural Alliance platform as well the Arts for a Complete Education platform.  FYI, this is the largest budget in the history of the State of Florida and yet the arts have seen a 73% cut in funding since 06-07.  Enough of that, though. You can check out the links above.


I am working on my engaging and inspiring blog skills, not my whining and selling ones.


Although we’ve been terribly busy, I did stop to put together a photo montage of our Arts in Education programming on my facebook page.  It is truly the most inspiring part of the job.  If I did this right, there’ll be a soundtrack (Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata’s arrangement of “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music). I have been trying to shove them down everyone’s throat and no one is drinking the Kool-aide.


If you want to know more about Les Miserable leaving New York at 8:00 PM, go to the Panama City Beach’s Chamber Idea Camp on March 21st.  It will be a manic review of how the Arts offer relevance in core subject areas and add STEAM to STEM curriculum….fueled by some highly recognizable caffeine laden beverage!


If you want to see my readership grow exponentially – because 33 = 27, please share this.  Hopefully the messages of the intrinsic and extrinsic value of the Arts will find its way further into our community.