Changing Seasons

It is interesting how the seasons change in a theater. We can divide our events up into three categories: The CULTURAL SEASON starts in the fall around the end of September and runs till around the end of March. This is the time of the year when the acts get out on tour and we will host everything from a symphony, a Broadway musical, a ballet, a play or any type of popular musical act. We often refer to DANCE SEASON and for us that runs from when the schools graduate until the end of June. It kicks off with...

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Welcome to our new website. We’re hoping it is more user friendly, content rich and relevant to all of our visitors.  I’m excited about the opportunity to “blog” here because I have missed the creative writing outlet I had with the Bay Arts & Entertainment Magazine.  If you’ve known us very long – we used to publish a quarterly booklet about the arts in the county, but the economic climate required that we adjust to live within our means.  Now we publish a Community Cultural Calendar every couple of months that runs in the Panama City News Herald and is...

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