Changing Seasons

It is interesting how the seasons change in a theater. We can divide our events up into three categories:

The CULTURAL SEASON starts in the fall around the end of September and runs till around the end of March. This is the time of the year when the acts get out on tour and we will host everything from a symphony, a Broadway musical, a ballet, a play or any type of popular musical act.

We often refer to DANCE SEASON and for us that runs from when the schools graduate until the end of June. It kicks off with our local dance studios’ recitals and then we host a month of visiting national dance competitions. This week we have Kids Artistic Revue in house and will run over 1200 dance acts across the boards.

The summer is traditionally very slow for theaters, but for me, they have a new meaning. Still, many of the stagehands who work backstage at Marina Civic Center work what we call the sheds in the summer. This is the outdoor amphitheatres stadium shows and festivals. But now, after the last curtain is pulled on the last dancer we now use that time to present local and regional acts in a series of shows we call Backstage Pass. I want to invite you to come and check out this unique format. The audience is onstage with the band and we bring out tables and chairs for a relaxed comfortable setting. They take place on Fridays starting July 13th and run through August. Show time is 6:30 pm and lasts two hours. Having a chance to showcase groups in a way that is a little different than you normally see has been a lot of fun for me personally. I think you would enjoy it as well.

Now, with the rock group Boston and Glen Campbell both coming in July, I think I am going to start calling the summer MUSIC SEASON.

It seems the only season missing now is the SHOULDER SEASON – and I couldn’t be happier. I hope everyone visiting and living in Bay County can come to the Marina Civic Center and see something that they enjoy. With all of the different kinds of shows, there must be something out there that you would like to see. I know we would like to see you.