Getting engaged with Taylor the Latte Boy?

It’s important in a relationship. So goes the song by Marcy & Zina, authors of “Taylor the Latte Boy”, the song that put Starbucks on the map. But I hardly had to compromise when I got the call from my friend Scott Coulter (fabulous Broadway & Cabaret tenor from New York). I immediately picked up the phone when I saw his name on the caller i.d. His mellifluous voice wafted through the fiber optic line as he asked if I’d be interested in having them come perform in September. Then the words that were nothing short of melodious materialized in my ear…“you can sing with us on stage”! “WHAT!?…Well, Yeah!” I’d walked right into his little trap! 🙂

Most people on the administrative side of the performing Arts get there because of their love of the show. We are wooed by the sounds and the sights and the thrill that incites one to applaud.

So, as one might predict, Marcy & Zina and Scott are coming to Panama City (September 20 & 21) and guess who gets to sing with them! But I’m not doing this for me – I’m doing this for you. Not only will they be performing a free concert for all of Bay County’s 5th graders, they will be conducting singing workshops as well as two cabaret concerts (a la Backstage Pass).

This is part of our renewed effort to program sustainability within the Arts in Education series and engage audiences more meaningfully.

You get to see what we bring the kids, get up close and personal with the artists AND even have an educational experience.
We want to blatantly illustrate the relevance of the arts to our lives – and we’d love to “get a witness” from you.

Within this blog, you can find links to their site and sound files. Marcy, Zina and Scott are downright effervescent on and off stage.

I implore you to search them out and then take advantage of their visit…maybe go to Starbucks and ask for Taylor the Latte Boy! Tell them Marcy & Zina told you about ‘em. We love them, we love them, we love them!

Marcy & Zina Official Site

Marcy & Zina performing Taylor the Latte Boy

Marcy & Zina audio links

Scott Coulter singing