Signs! Everywhere Signs!

I really try not to bombard our patrons with an immeasurable amount of signage in our lobbies and on our windows. With every new show, new signs seem to be needed.
Still, I try and keep it simple and to the point. Pertinent information only.
I wonder, what’s the magic trick to getting people to read them, however?
I keep my signs clear and concise.

  • Bold, easy to read font
  • Straightforward message
  • Sometimes a pop of color to grab attention
  • And sometimes, perhaps a symbol or picture to get the message across even faster

Most patrons seem to find these signs very informative and helpful.
“No Video Allowed This Evening”
“Pick Up Will Call Tickets Inside”
“Bar Upstairs”

I still get a chuckle when this exact situation happens (and it happens A LOT)…
The time is 5:30 PM
Person walks up to doors, which are locked.
Person reads the following sign:
“Doors Open 6PM”
Person then attempts to pull on every door with a blind hope that one may open for them.
I wonder what they could be thinking…
Maybe they are rebels and defy the rules, “Pish posh sign! You will not hold me back!”
Maybe they are determined, perhaps strategic thinkers and assume this sign is a fraud.
Maybe they were not reading the sign, just checking out their new hairdo in the reflective glass.
Then they approach the Box Office windows with a puzzled look, and they speak…
“When do the doors open?” person says.
I respond, “They open at 6PM.”
“Well can I get in now?” person states.
I answer, “In just a short moment, at 6PM.”

At this point, you may be thinking, this is a rare singular event, surely.
As you think that singular thought, I add one more move which IS maybe frequent.
After that exchange, the person typically forgets to check the last door,
they remember this while leaving our window and walk near it in front of us,
look back at me and in the gentlest yet bold manner possible…
…pull on the locked door.